Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazon Store and Questions

These are recent questions that we have been asked by some of our customers.

Question: What kind of products or software you (Country Bumpkin Report) use to read a video on most  DVD players?

CBR: The software that we use to create a DVD's is by NERO. We really love this software. It is simple to use and easy to understand. We have been using this software for the last 8 years.

We recommed this one. We use an older version of NERO but a new upgrade is always better.
Nero Multimedia Suite 10 The link below will help guide you in the right direction to this product.

Question: You have been talking about photos on your blog site. What kind of cameras do you recommed?

CBR:  We added a new category at our Amazon store. It is Photography cameras and accessories. At our online store you can see what kind of products Amazon recommeds for you.
Question: When are you going to show some video work!!??

CBR: We have 4 mini project in process and it take time to edit. For every 30 seconds of video you see it take about 1-2 hours to edit the video.

I hope this helps you in own video and photography projects.
"Enjoy life though your lens."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More work!

We have 4 mini projects in the works. It has been a lot of fun to do so many different projects. We hope to publish at least 2 of them very soon. In the meantime check out some of our old stuff. Enjoy!

Clem Baker Band Promo