Monday, April 16, 2012

TAMUK Football

Next week we plan on posting some unedited videos from this year's Relay for Life. The Relay will take place this Friday-April 20, 2012.  Hopefully we can post something on Monday. In the meantime please view the following post about cell phone photos.
This picture was taken with a cell phone so it is not the best quality. Again, in my opinion a lower quality of cameras can be better sometimes because you are forced to learn how to focus on the total picture and get creative using your natural abilities.  Also, there have been times when a really good picture is captured using a cell phone. I am very proud of this  unedited cell phone picture. -Menda


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't Walk On The Train Tracks

In the last post we talked about using an old version of Jassc Paint Shop Pro 8 to edit photos. I wanted to learn how to do this because I love learning new things about editing. Now of course taking a great photo or video should be done so well that you don’t have to edit them, but I just wanted to learn something new and show you my progress.
  The top two things I wanted to learn is how to air brushing/smoothing lines and how to fill in gaps.
In this picture I wanted it to be a little brighter, (it was taken on a cloudy day) remove the light poles, and smooth out her shirt. (You can’t see it but she is wearing a tutu under the shirt and it looks like her sides are bulging out.)  This photo was taken with a Samsung camera phone.

Train unedited

I ended up air brushing her face and hair too because the picture seemed a little rough in this area. The removal of the light poles was very easy since it could be covered up with the same background as the sky.  Smoothing out the lines on her shirt was harder then I thought and I gave up after an hour of trying to fix it.

Train 2 edited
Hopefully in the next post I will have learned how to take the “fluffiness” out of the shirt and be able to make it look like a straight line.
I was thinking that the edited picture was a little to bright. What do you think? Please leave me a comment below or leave a comment on facebook.