Monday, February 20, 2012

Relay For Life 2012

February Promo for the American Cancer Society-Kleberg Co./Bishop TX, Relay For Life 2012.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hanging Socks Out To Dry.

This may be used as part of our web page background in the future.

Sock love

Weekend cleaning

Thank-you Neatherlands!

We are a big hit in the Netherlands! While viewing our current statics I was very surprised to see that most of our viewers are from this region. Thank-you for your support!

Today Topic is How long does editing a 1 hour video take? This is just something that I notice in myself when I am editing a video. This may take you a shorter or longer amount of time to edit a video

1.      Upload SD card to editor program: 5-10 min
2.      Dump tapes to disk: 5-6 60 minute tapes = 6 hours
3.      Capture pictures, 40-60 @ 1 min = 1 hr
4.      Manipulate/crop/filter pictures in Photoshop, 40-60 @ 10 min = 10 hr
5.      Select and capture background music, 5 selections @ 4 min = 1 hr
6.      Create tape label graphics in Photoshop = 1 hr
7.      Edit video, 6 hr source footage = 20 hr (takes me, on average, 3X real time to select, arrange, sync, and edit material)
8.      Record to master tape = 2 hr
9.      Transfer to Master to DVD  = 1hr
10.  Dub copies, label, and prepare for shipment = 3 hr

Total = about 37 hours using SD cards and 42 hours using DV tape, VHS, or other analog formats.

I hope this help you to figure out how long it could take you to edit your next video.