Video Tips

Tip #1  Control the Amount of Light Available.

Use whatever light source is available in the area to your advantage. Try shooting outside on a bright sunny day. For indoor shots, look for an area with several large windows that let the light in but don't shoot where the light can be seen in the background otherwise know as back light.

Tip # 2  Avoid panning and zooming too much.

If the video is to be hosted online at YouTube, for example. The resulting video will carry some distortion even on faster broadband connections.

Tip #3 Take time to plan your video. 

Try to make a story board about your video before you go out and record something. This will save you a lot of time in post production. If you have an exact idea of what your video will be about then you will not waste your time recording things that you will never use. 

Tip #4 Just have fun. 

As long as you are having fun and keep trying your videos will get better. I am not an expert but I love to create videos!


For more video editing tips check out the link below: