Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank-you Neatherlands!

We are a big hit in the Netherlands! While viewing our current statics I was very surprised to see that most of our viewers are from this region. Thank-you for your support!

Today Topic is How long does editing a 1 hour video take? This is just something that I notice in myself when I am editing a video. This may take you a shorter or longer amount of time to edit a video

1.      Upload SD card to editor program: 5-10 min
2.      Dump tapes to disk: 5-6 60 minute tapes = 6 hours
3.      Capture pictures, 40-60 @ 1 min = 1 hr
4.      Manipulate/crop/filter pictures in Photoshop, 40-60 @ 10 min = 10 hr
5.      Select and capture background music, 5 selections @ 4 min = 1 hr
6.      Create tape label graphics in Photoshop = 1 hr
7.      Edit video, 6 hr source footage = 20 hr (takes me, on average, 3X real time to select, arrange, sync, and edit material)
8.      Record to master tape = 2 hr
9.      Transfer to Master to DVD  = 1hr
10.  Dub copies, label, and prepare for shipment = 3 hr

Total = about 37 hours using SD cards and 42 hours using DV tape, VHS, or other analog formats.

I hope this help you to figure out how long it could take you to edit your next video.