Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Very Freakstarr Christmas

Last week my husband played a show with his band Freakstarr. They played at a place called "The Office". This is a very small bar in our town of Kingsville. I think it has a maxim of 100 people that could fit in there safely. Okay, so I really don't know how many people could fit in there but let's just say that it is really small rectangle shape place with a very low ceiling.  Be prepared to smell like a chimney when you leave since they do allow smoking indoors. 

This is the kind of place that the college kids go to on a Thursday night to sing karaoke and the bikers go have a cold beer after work. The place has poor lighting, pool, darts, and live music on the weekends so naturally this was the perfect place to have a Christmas show in our area. 

I have attached a short video of the band Freakstarr. This unedited, less then 2 minute video was made on December 22, 2012.  I am not sure when they wrote this jam song. It may have been sometime in the late 90's or early 2000's since that is when we were in college.

The link is below if you can't see the video.

For more songs by Freakstarr check out my husband's youtube channel at or find them on facebook at

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