Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Positive Outlook Time!

Today's post is about the power of being positive. When you receive negative criticism about something how do you handle it? For me negative criticism is a reminder that there is something that could be done in a better way. 

Last year I posted a video about a drug raid in Kingsville. One person actually made a comment on it via Facebook. He told me that it was silly to post a video like that.

"Too many people hear a noise and have to go see what it is."

Yes, that is true and your point?

My first reaction to this comment was not pretty. I responded very nasty by telling the guy something like "What else am I going to do with this useless communication degree?" When relaying this to my husband he reminded me that the guy just watched the video and felt the need to comment on it. So really it was a win for the video that was posted.

An impact was made and that was the purpose of the video.

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