Saturday, June 22, 2013

SPAM mail or a can of SPAM. Which do you prefer?

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Do you ever respond to SPAM mail just to see what it is about? Every once in awhile this will happen to me and I MUST click on the link just to see what it is about. Really,  how good is their marketing strategy towards me. Did the spammer do it's homework? Most of the time they do not.

Today however was different. A really good SPAM message was sent to me via Facebook. It was an actual person (or maybe a robot it was that good) who told me that they went to this page and saw how bare it was with comments, likes and overall public interest in this site. Then I got to thinking. Yes, that is true. You are so right. How can this be changed? The answer as you may have already guessed is by going to a website and purchasing a kit that will instantly get you more than 100 like on Facebook and grow your online business.
Of course a really good spammer like this got me to thinking about this blog page. What is the purpose of this blog. Once again it is as simple as I have stated a couple of days ago. This blog is just one of many view point about life in South Texas. It is nothing more than that. If by chance more people happen to find this page and follow it that would be great!

However, this site is NOT a business. It is just a simple blog about my views on life in South Texas and that is it.

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