Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Schlitterbahn Water Park

logo photo from Schlitterbahn web site
Have you ever noticed that when you go someplace when you are younger and go back when you are older that the place is not as magical as the first time?
I think this happened to me at Schlitterbahn water park recently. My first few years of going to the water park it was so much fun! I was in my early 20's and life was so new and adventures. While at the park I was with my best friends and no parents where around to tell me what to do.

But going again with my daughter the place did not have the same magical feeling. We still had fun but something about being around a lot of people, having to wait in line, and hearing the cry's of a 9 year old because she's tired of walking made the day kind of frustrating.

First of all it took us over an hour to find a place to park AND to find guest services. Secondly, we had little to no help from staff because most of them did not know where guest services was and lastly when we arrived at the guest services office the paper work took another 30 minutes to complete.  By that time my daughter was having a complete melt down.

I can’t blame her for acting that way. In my mind I was doing the same thing. 
Now it may seem like the trip was a complete waste of time but it was not. My daughter had a great time (once we were inside the park) and she loved the fact that I would go on most of the rides with her.

It was worth the frustration of the day just to see how much she enjoyed herself.

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Nothy Lane said...

Agatha Christie said something along those lines in one of her books. "You can never return to a place you loved and not be disappointed." I'm your newest follower