Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to be AWESOME in Life! - written by a 9 year old

My 9 years old daughter has been wanting to write a blog post of her own so today's post is about how to be AWESOME in life according to her.

Step 1: Get a pair of  roller skates or ice skates and do an cool trick.
While skating forward try to lift your leg up without falling over. Make sure you practice a lot by staying still in your skates and see if you can lift your leg. Once you do that then try to go move forward very slow.

Step 2: If you like to draw, do it in a cool way.
Draw something that you like. You could draw a butterfly or something else from nature. Next you should post it online so everyone can see it.

Step 3: Play a cool video game or board game.
I don't know how this would help you be AWESOME but is just something fun to do. It's better to play with friends or your family. It not that fun when you play alone.

Step 4: Get a cute pair of clothes.
I don't know how this would help you be AWESOME but if you are in school it will help you look cool. If you wear a uniform to school just try to look cute by putting a headband in your hair. If your a boy just comb your hair because boys don't comb their hair.

Step 5: If none of these steps help you just be who you are.
Just be who you are. You don't have to follow my rules to have an AWESOME life just be you.


Adrian Garcia said...

That's awesome advice for being cool. Thanks Jas I will try all of the above a post pics. Maybe you can help me by letting me know if I'm cooler than I am now with these very helpful tips. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Your advice is AWESOME! Do you think your dad could ever be cool or awesome?


Gary J. Eulenfeld said...

You are AWESOME Jazz! Love ya!

John Sheets said...

Jasmine, you definitely have a lot of good advice. I know that Evelyn thinks you're awesome. Ms Jessica and I think you're awesome at being a good older friend to her.

Keep up the good writing.

menda said...

Jas says Thanks for the comments!

What Burns My Bacon said...

Step 1: I did that years ago trying to impress a girl and all I got was falling down on the ice, blacking out for a few seconds and getting a nice little scar. I tell people that I got it fighting a pirate, because it is more manly.

Step 2: I can't draw a straight line with a ruler.

Step 3: Playing video games is AWESOME. Having my 11-year-old son beating me nearly every time isn't. But I get even and tell him that the dumb monster will come out from under his bed and eat him. Which is a total lie, because the monster is actually quite smart and reads a lot. Mostly cook books.

Step 4: I don't have any cute pair of clothes because I'm a guy. I can barely dress myself.

Step 5: This I can do.