Friday, February 21, 2014

STAAR - Teaching to the Test?

Yesterday, my daughter brought home a math paper with a 50% on it. Once reviewed she actually got a 100% but was given the 50% because she did not use the right strategy.  Now, I am no genius but isn't a strategy a way to come up with a plan to solve a problem? According to Merriam Webster dictionary thats what it is.
As a former long term substitute teacher I understand that certain grading guidelines must be meet. However, when a teacher can not see that there is more than one way to reach an answer this make me wonder if the teacher is even qualified. Is the teacher just teaching to the standardize Texas test known as STAAR?

What do you think?
Is this just an over reaction on my part or is the teacher correct in giving this grade to her?


Jennifer Wilborn said...

No you are not over reacting. I understand totally. When Emma was in 3 or 4 grade I had a teacher tell me that the only thing she would learn that year was how to take the STARS test. To me that is not teaching, but until we change or standards this is what is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

What did the teacher say about this?