Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Time Is It?

Blogging everyday is getting to be really hard.
At first I told myself that something should be ready to go by 8 a.m. but now I just try to push out something just to have it posted. It feels like a news deadline but with less expectations'.

My hubby suggested that I should recycle an older blog post and post it again. What do you think? Should I do what he suggested? Let me know in the comments below.


Sarah - Glitter {the blog} said...

I think you should maybe schedule a couple each day, that way you won't be totally stressed each time you have to post something.

Found you on BBN!


VioletDaffodils said...

I think that is a great idea!
For my art blog I used to post every saturday night usually so maybe you could pick a day when you are free and not stressed out :) xx

Frantic Mama said...

I think it's fine to repost a favorite post every once in a while. Just do your best with it and have fun :).

~Frantic Mama (I found you through the Happy Kids Inc. Bloglovin' Blog hop!).

rica marie said...

I think your hubbvy was right on the money !! I often repost old favorite blog post from one or two years back. No harm done !! :)

Thanks for following! When I get my internet on in my new apartment I'll def follow back and leave more comments! Its such a pain from my phone ! Lol

Keep up the great work gorgeous!!!

Rica xx

Country Bumpkin Reporter said...

Thanks for the feed back. I guess I will post old thing from time to time. I also like the idea of maybe creating 2 post or more a day.