Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bob Is Taking Over!

The latest protest about website change is now coming from YouTube users. YouTube is now requiring that if you want to comment or use YouTube then you have to sign up for Google Plus. Many people like myself have already converted over to the new form to continue using the free service on YouTube.  However not everyone is happy about the new change.
You may have seen some of  the above posting in the comment section on YouTube.

According to a petition at Change.org  YouTube users are claiming that now they can not comment anonymously and because of this they will not be able to give their true feelings about a video.  One such user is Aaron Vollhoffer of TRENTON, CANADA and he says on the Google Change Petition that Google Plus and YouTube are now
"Stripping us of our anonymous profiles, forcing  outside media and advertizements down our throats, censoring our comments and selectively giving commenters the ability to disable replies and ratings on their comments, among a host of unwarranted changes to the original, much more efficient and streamlined Youtube layout as a whole are just some of the many negative changes that are being made to Youtube. It's ethically wrong to force these changes unto an unwilling userbase as it alienates them while devaluing the quality of the site and tarnishing your credibility. This callous behavior needs to stop." 
Really? Callous behavior? Not so sure about that. Instead of creating a petition about the change and still using the service it would be better to stop using the service all together.
Google Plus and YouTube only have as much information as you give them. As you notice I'm known as "Country Bumpkin Reporter" on this site but if you search into my profile you will find my real name. This is the information that I wanted Google Plus and YouTube to have.

I do realized that some people are not like me and do not want internet attention and that they would like to keep the comment form the same way. Yet, here is the truth of it. Nobody is forcing you to use the site. It is free. If you don't like it use another website that you feel more comfortable with. To send a true message to YouTube that you do not like Google Plus you must stop using the service.

What do you think? Am I right? Wrong? Or am I just being a push over by still using the service? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Anonymous said...

The service should be user friendly. If not I would leave.