Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What is Movember?
Ladies, have you been wondering why some men are deciding not to shave this month?
In the month of November a charity site called the Movember Foundation created the "No shave Movember" to help raise funds for men's health issues such as prostate cancer, depression and yearly medical exams.
According to the word Movember is a combination of the word moustache and November.

Men are encourage to register at then grow a mustache for 30-days in the month of November. Men start clean shaven and grow their "Mo", slang for  moustache, and then ask friends and family to donate to their efforts. With their new  moustache it is easy to start a conversation about their new look and let people know why they are growing it.

The money that is raised for the Movember Foundation is donated to the Livestrong Foundation and to the Prostate Cancer Research which is part of the Movember Foundation.

When searching for the information about the Livestrong Foundation and the Movember Foundation I could not find the answers to what does each of the foundations do with the money that they are given for the "No Shave November."  The only answer that I could find when searching the website was a very generic statement such as promoting cancer research and providing awareness.
Yes, but how is this done?

As part of my association with the American Cancer Society-Relay for Life organization I know that a portion of the money that we raise goes to a research center at MD Anderson  in Houston, Texas and to our local American Cancer Society chapter in Corpus Christi, Texas. MD Anderson and our local chapter of the American Cancer Society uses the money for cancer research, a local housing unit called the "Hope Lodge" where patients and families can stay when they have to be away from home for cancer treatment and a host of other cancer related patient services.

Maybe my research needs to be a little better when it comes to the Movember Foundation. Can anyone answer the questions that were stated? Maybe you or someone that you know is involved in the Foundation. What is the experience like and how is the money being used through the Foundation?

Please let me know in the comment form below.

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I wonder what percentage of the money goes to actually helping.