Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just thinking out loud
On the previous blog post the topic of my childhood was mentioned. Coming from a multiple childhood divorce culture I wanted to write about something that might be able to help other adults that went through the same thing I did in their childhood. Alas, there are some things that are too painful for me to share. One day I will write about the effects of multiple divorces in childhood and how it can affect a person into their adulthood. Today however, this topic will not be written.


AMW said...

I think I personally have a problem with divorce becoming less of a taboo, not because I want people and their children to be ostracized because of divorce, which at some times really IS the best solution, but because I want people to think long and hard before getting into a marriage, before making that pledge to your spouse and to any children you may bring up.

The growing societal acceptance of divorce pretty much, to me, means people are somewhat disposable. It means you don't have to weigh big decisions, and you can have a wedding, and then bail when the first bump comes up - they have their cake and eat it too, and then go back for more cake.

Human growth means you can't do that - sometimes if you have an incentive to stick things out, your relationship can come back stronger, and more dedicated than before.

Divorce will always happen, and will always be part of society. But it should not be the first and only choice people consider, and marriage should not be entered into lightly, no matter how many reality shows make it look like it's supposed to just all be fun.

(Sorry for rambling, no coffee yet)

Country Bumpkin Reporter said...

thanks for your response. I really appreciate it. :)