Thursday, January 23, 2014

A New Tribalism - Spotlight on Adrian and Jere Sepulveda
Imagine a world with no smog, clean water, food that is grown without being genetically modified, a world where animals roam free and what is that you hear in the background? Could it be some music? No, it is just the sound of rushing water from a distant river and here you are sitting back, soaking in the sun and enjoying all that is around you.
How can you be so lucky to live like this? It is a decision that must be done intentionally. One has to make the effort to live in the natural world the way that it was intended.

According to, Daniel Quinn the American writer best known for his novel Ishmael, believes the world and people are of one unity and that
"...Quinn ideas are popularly associated with environmentalism, though he criticizes this term he identifies himself a cultural critic and specifically refers to his philosophy as new tribalism."
This week I had the privilege conducting an e-mail interview with Adrian and Jere Sepulveda who are part of the solution to obtaining a pure and wholesome life. They are part of the "new tribalism" movement. The term "tribalism" refers to an open, cooperative community that states that nature and the laws of man are connected to one another. Therefore man should live in perfect balance with nature.

Below is the e-mail interview: 

In one word how would you describe your lifestyle? 

What made you decide to do eat only whole foods and limit processed things?
A love of self which corresponds to a love of the larger self...we take care of our body and we take care of our larger body...the earth. Especially after witnessing family members die of terrible diseases and their link to modern industrial foods. That was the turning point, about 1999 or so. Although, we do partake in some processed organic foods, we strive to keep it to a minimum.

Do you follow a certain religion?
What we believe in, or follow, is not religion perse, but in a word, i would call it..animism. Unlike a religion, animism, is something totally different. It is something woven into our daily life. Something that hums in all of life.

What kind of employment/work do you both do?
We both are master gardeners and permacultural landscapers. But we are skilled in many things. In a simple life, we cultivate what makes us happy, what makes others happy, what makes the land joyful with our work. In this sense, it isn't "work", but just simple living. In modern industrial society, work is something apart from home life, something you "go to", something separate, rather than an integration. We practice something like...mind, body, spirit, all connected and flowing from source. Rather than mind, body, spirit being atomized and institutionalized, or commodified. By its very nature, industrial society is at odds, is contrary, to a simple life.

Growing up what were your parents like?
Adrian...i was raised in an extended family household. I never met my biological father. I did have a stepfather though. My mom was a hardworking woman raising a large family. My grandmother, my great uncle and my uncle Chuy were close knit to me. And rounded out my familial setting. Everyone was caring and loving.

Jere....Growing up my parents were very protective, had high expectations and were very loving. I imagine my mother would be proud of the woman i have become. My grandparents also played a large part in my upbringing.

What is the one thing that you recommend for others to try when changing their lifestyle for the betterment of the world?
First, one has to realize the mess were in and come to grips with it, then, one has to realize that another more ecologically sound way is possible. With that in mind, yes, one starts to do what is possible with what one may have presently at their disposal. Gardening, recycling, education, helping others in community, volunteering to clean up ecologically sensitive areas, or helping animals in need (human and non human) at a shelter or a runaway hotline, etc. But more importantly, teaching the young ones the truth and how to go about living an ecological life. That's hard, especially with kids raised in the digital world. But its not impossible, get a really charismatic and go get em type of person with kids, and the kids will love it! 
As one develops an ecological self, the mind opens up drastically, and what was once hidden, is totally blown open, and one "sees" what one did not before. In other words, its a life journey, not something you turn on and off, once you know, it will be so deep and profound, you'll feel the aliveness and you'll never go back to the "old self". 


Meg said...

Good interview. The answers were clear and described very well the major aspects of living a simple life in harmony with all Life.

Menda Eulenfeld said...

Thank-you for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Follow up on this. It could be a lot longer with more details about this way of life.